Ways How to Make Money Freelancing – Where to Find Freelancing Opportunities Online

You might have heard about how to make money freelancing. Freelance work is one of the most popular online jobs today. Freelancing, simply put, means you are your own boss. It does, however, come with its challenges. In order to succeed as a freelance worker, you must be dedicated, hardworking, and knowledgeable in your chosen field.

Freelancing as a virtual assistant is a great way to work from home. This is because there are no strict deadlines for work. When you are a virtual assistant, your duties depend on the needs of the client. Many freelancers find this a great way to combine both pleasure and profession.

Another way to make money freelancing is by becoming a member of a networking website. A lot of these websites allow for freelancers to become members at no cost. The use of these platforms is to promote and make connections within the industry. The client will give you feedback on your performance, after which you will use this information to market yourself to other potential clients.

One more way to make money freelancing is to use Google Docs as your own online writing assistant. You will be able to easily create spreadsheets, documents, and other documents from your computer that clients can send to you through email. This works well if you prefer to keep your clients’ needs in mind. To do this, you will need to be granted access to Google Docs which you can do by becoming a member of various social networking sites such as Yahoo docs, Facebook, MySpace, and others.

How to make money freelancing is through creating your own online portfolio piece. This can be done through taking pictures with your digital camera and then uploading them into your Google Docs account. In order for clients to see this portfolio piece, they have to click on “Your Portfolio” at the top of your Google Docs page. This way, they can immediately view your work without having to send you a file. This method is good if you have all sorts of projects ranging from small sketches to full-fledged photography book samples.

Another simple way on how to make money freelancing is through creating your own social media profiles. One can easily do this by using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The advantage of using these sites is that it allows for a freelance virtual assistant to put up their profile just like an online resume. One can also update the profile by adding new photographs, documents, or anything else that one feels is pertinent to the work they are doing. This also makes it easier for clients to contact the freelance virtual assistant once they spot a particular skill set and/or talent.

A third way on how to make money freelancing is by applying for jobs advertised by other freelancers, both those the online and offline. This can also be helpful when finding a good fit for your career. When applying for such jobs, it is important to note that the clients should clearly define the project’s details, its deadline, and the compensation contract. If the client is unclear about anything in the project, it will be better to request for revisions or rework in order for the client to be sure that the job will be executed to his liking.

One more great method on how to make money freelancing is by joining several platforms like Elance, RentaCoder, Odesk, Guru, Codesweep, and so on. These platforms are meant for freelancers to advertise their skills and services. Some clients may be interested in the services that the freelancer has to offer, and therefore he may propose projects to the freelancer wherein he can get paid for the work he has already done. If the client is interested enough, he might contact the freelancer within a week’s time for a project meeting. Clients can even rate and comment on the projects, making it easier for the freelancer to get good feedback from his potential clients.