Using Facebook Ads for Driving Traffic to Your Site

Facebook ads is one of the latest methods of internet marketing used by businesses and other web based companies to promote themselves and their products. The concept of social network marketing, as it applies to ads, refers to a particular group of marketing terms which are used in place of conventional forms of internet marketing. Social network marketing was introduced in order to provide a way for companies to get into contact with their customers. It also has the potential to expand a company’s customer base beyond the geographical boundaries that it initially enjoys.

There are three major types of social network ads that can be seen on Facebook. These include the pay per click, the display advertising and the deep dive ad types. Let’s take a deeper look at each one of these to see how they work.

Pay per click, as its name suggests, is when your advertisement shows up on someone’s timeline. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay the designated amount. This option is great for reaching a very specific audience – something like the demographics of your company or brand. In contrast to the typical quixotic quest for an audience, this type of advertising is specifically targeted towards a particular type of consumer. While this form of advertising is incredibly effective for brand awareness, it does not have the ability to reach out to audiences that are not immediately interested in what you are selling.

Display advertising is the more common form of Facebook ads available. This method allows you to create an attractive graphical ad with the body text of your advertisement and the image of your product or service. The graphic ad displays with the body text while the image appears below. Both of these types of advertisements allow you to track the performance of your ads in real time.

The third type of advertising is the deep dive ad option. This option is used by businesses that have deeper pockets than most. For this option, you create an attractive graphical ad with all of the body text of your ad and a basic image of your product or service below it. Your business model can consist of anything you like – a simple line of text, a graphic, or an image of your product or service. To determine the success of your ads in this format, you need to monitor the conversions performed.

Conversions are the outcome of the actions users take after seeing your advertisement. The actions include clicks, skips, and follows. Each action results in a sale. As you may notice, conversions can be difficult to accurately measure without a deep dive campaign in place. Therefore, it is wise to monitor the actions users take after seeing your ads and to measure the conversion rates of those actions to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

Conversions are the by product of the efforts you make to reach consumers and drive traffic to your site. Your advertising efforts should result in conversions and not just sales. For this reason, it is important to track the actions users take after seeing your ad. Tracking conversions will allow you to determine whether or not your advertising efforts are successful. Tracking will also allow you to improve your business model, find mistakes, and implement solutions to problems.

Facebook has a large base of users, which gives you access to a diverse audience. Your ads will be seen by a broad range of individuals, many of whom won’t even be interested in what you are selling. To ensure that your ads are seen, you must target your audience and ensure that your audience is targeted. Facebook offers several ad targeting options to help you in your endeavors to reach targeted audiences. Ad targeting is the key to increasing the efficacy of your ads.