How to Achieve High Conversions With Facebook Ads

Social media marketing, social network marketing, and social media optimization are just some of the terms which are used in relation to the promotion of websites through social media platforms. In this day and age, social media has become one of the most popular ways for companies and individuals to connect and interact with their target market. Today, more businesses and individuals are marketing their business or brand through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube than through any other form of media.

Businesses and individuals therefore have an increased need to develop an effective social media marketing strategy and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this fast-paced environment. Facebook Ads offers business owners the ability to advertise their products or services in a manner that allows them to target their audience and generate immediate response. For example, a business owner may choose to advertise their products or services using Facebook ads for a local town or city. This ad might link directly to a company website, blog, or photo album showcasing images of the town, city, or product/service in question.

Through Facebook ads, a business owner can track the number of clicks, impressions, and leads generated through their ads. With this information, the business owner can determine if their ads are effective or not. Facebook takes care of displaying targeted ads based on your location, demographics, browsing activities, and more. The tracking of these actions assists in analyzing current performance and helps the advertiser evaluate where to focus their advertising efforts. One of the many benefits of choosing this advertising platform is that it offers advertisers a cost-per-click (CPC) rate that is very low compared to other options such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. A business owner can use the information from Facebook clicks to determine which keywords are being used and which ads are performing the best.

The purpose of setting up an account on Facebook is to create a brand image and attract new customers. Business owners who choose to place ads on Facebook should make sure they have ad formats that will bring in customers. Ad format is what makes a product stand out and gain a place on the consumers’ eyes. Advertising with Facebook ads should be done in a way to make them stand out like a sore thumb among competitors in the same niche. There are many options when it comes to designing a Facebook ad format that will help you attract customers, gain profit, and set you apart from your competitors. The three most popular ad formats used by businesses on Facebook are the fan page, vertical, and the landing page.

Facebook has a fan page that is great for initiating conversations with your existing and potential customers. Audience feedback is essential if you want to have a successful marketing campaign and these conversations can help you determine what your target audience wants to know or want. Facebook offers a very useful feature called audience-based advertising wherein you can pinpoint your audience by collecting and formulating data on your target audience. This data is then used by the advertisement programs to target your ads by users who are more likely interested in the services and products that you are offering. This form of advertising is more precise and effective because it is targeted by users and the information is collected from real users.

Using Facebook ads for precise interest targeting is one of the best ways to determine your audience. The CTR, or click through rate, refers to the percentage of customers who saw your advertisement, went directly to your website, and made a purchase. For instance, if you were advertising an anti-wrinkle cream, and saw a large number of clicks, then this may indicate that your target audience is looking for anti-aging creams. However, if there was only a small percentage of customers who went to your website, and they purchased a small amount of wrinkle cream, this could mean that your advertisement was not well advertised. Facebook offers a special tracking tool for internet marketers that helps measure your CTR.

Facebook advertising also offers advertisers with CPC, or cost per thousand impressions, which quantifies how much you are charged for each impression. A study conducted by cold-hardy internet marketer Jeff Walker showed that advertising on Facebook increased conversions by as much as 67 percent. This number jumps out at you because it indicates that you may be losing less money than you were making before the advertising began. By using Facebook ads, you are taking advantage of a social media site that is trusted among consumers and has a strong presence in their homes.

In conclusion, Facebook ads offer a cost effective way to advertise your business and increase conversion rates. You are not locked into a specific advertising network, and you can easily create custom ads that suit your business model. You can choose to target more specifically to your audience, increasing your chances of making a successful campaign. The CTR and conversion indicators available through Facebook make this advertising platform easy to use, effective, and profitable.